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"The portion of dog shit I have to eat came from a different dog to the one you have to eat."

Can we agree that eating dogshit is never good?

Proof knitting does occur. Although this was a while ago.

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#mastodon pro tip: if you're fed up with all the "RTs" in the timeline, you can hide them with a simple RegEx filter:
Just enter "RT @|RT:" in the "Advanced" line of the column settings

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Good morning to everyone, but especially all the other morning people out there. I feel bad for non-morning people sometimes, they dont know what they're missing.

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Trying out a new #Mastodon client app for desktops. And it's not just an Electron wrapper, woot!

While Kodaks early footage is good, a great example of how beautiful Super 8 can look is the Italian fashion brand Indi and Cold. They shoot their promos on S8 and they look amazing. This is their Vimeo page.

I am kind of beside myself with excitement over Kodak's new Super 8mm camera. Yes camera, the first Super 8 camera to be made since the mid 1980's. Less excited by the price which is hefty. Details and some early footage here.

I am just learning the ropes of running my own masto instance. As someone who is not accomplished in a technical sense, its a bit of a learning curve, but I am also enjoying it.

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Welcome to the Hive, Brian 🐝 Great to see you here!

We’re excited to hear about you. Jump in and introduce yourself!

Here’s a great links to help get you started:


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The internet world is tough. I really don't want to spam people, but I also want this #Brooklyn99 zine I helped make to do well, because of the great art, because I'm proud of it, and also because of the great cause.

And I genuinely think people will like it if they know about it. #art #mastoart #creativetoots

Info here:

Bricolage - A Mastodon Instance

Hello, welcome to Bricolage, a small corner cafe/atelier on the Fediverse. Membership is currently open. We don't have huge resources but all are welcome. Its hopefully a friendly space for people of all or no genders who do or are interested in sewing, tailoring, couture, dressmaking, knitting, weaving, spinning, or any other type of textile related craft at any level to discuss and showcase projects, and anything else important to them. The politics of art, life and living Cooperatively in the big C sense is also important to us, so if you are considering signing up, please look over our conduct guidelines to see if its for you.